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lunes, 15 de julio de 2019

Water around the world

In EM (Environmental Management) classes we watched and analysed two videos about water-rich and water-poor countries. In addition, our teacher Marcela Rossi told us to create our own conclusion or comment about them.

In the first video there’s a boy, who clearly lives in a water-rich country, that fills a bottle with water from the tap of his own house, while a girl living in a water-poor country has to collect it from a river which is not even clean. However the video ends with the boy switching the girl’s bottle of polluted-water with his own clean one. This could be a “call of help” for the water-rich countries, who could contribute by helping the water-poor ones. 
In the second video there is a girl of a water-poor country who travel 4 miles daily in order to collect water from a river. This water is not even clean enough for human consumption. 

As I interpreted, both videos  aware us of the great importance of having clean water and make us think if we are giving it a responsable consumption. They also show the contrast between how people live in water-rich and how people does in water-poor countries, making us notice how lucky we are that we can get clean water by only using the tap. That’s why everyone should take care of clean water, and this is not a complex thing to do, only by reducing the unnecessary use of it would help for its caring.

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