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jueves, 11 de abril de 2019

Analysis on "The Open Boat"

In Literature classes, before reading our first story of the year named "The Open Boat" (written by Stephen Crane), we deeply analized it in all of its aspects, and then we answered a questionnaire based on it. Moreover, our teacher told us to create an infographic inspired in a questionnaire's question which talks about the different themes. In addition, we could use the app/site we wanted as long as it creates an infographic, so I decided to use Piktochart. Here is my work:

1 comentario:

  1. Joaquín, congratulations on your excellent work!
    You have explained each theme thoroughly and identified moments in the story where they are developed. As well as that, you have included a personal approach to them. You have also chosen suitable quotes and images. Your infographic is very detailed and clear at the same time. There are some minor grammar mistakes, as in your introduction to the entry (you say before, but it's after), but all in all, you did a very good job.
    Mark: 10 (ten)