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lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

A silent night where even the moon hides

In the class of Literature, after reading and analyzing the story named "The Lemon Orchard", we search for information about the historical context of the time when the author, Alex La Guma, wrote it: It was the time of the Apartheid in South Africa. After all this background research, our teacher Silvia Videla told us to create (individually) a photographic essay, and there we had to include some quotations related to all the themes of the story and we needed to add the number of pictures we wanted to them (which they had to be closely connected to the quotation). We had to create a new tittle for the story and for our production, mine was "A silent night where even the moon hides". Here is my work:

Why did I chose that tittle? I chose "A silent night where even the moon hides" as the new tittle because of the choice the author presents, throughout the story, the nature as if it was against the Apartheid and with in the white man's actions. Precisely, he (Alex La Guma), mentiones "the moon hidden behind long, high parallels of cloud..." as if the moon didn't want to see what was going to happen, and in a way of warning that something bad was going to take place, it hides behind some clouds.

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