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lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

My most embarrasing day

In L/L Writing we studied about how to write a diary entry. So then, following the body parts and the caracteristics of it, we had to create our own piece of writing choosing one of the topics given (I chose "my most embarrasing day") and it should be approximately between 120-150:

September 16, 2009
Dear diary,
      Today I found I was going to have the worst birthday of my entire life. I got up with an insufferable headache but I decided to attempt school anyway, a bad decision.
      I entered to my classroom and I realized I was the first one there, this had disappointed me because I was expecting my friends to surprise me. But this was the first one and nothing compared to the following events: the lesson started and there were only two students apart from me, who I hadn't seen them before.
      It was midday and no one, even my best friend, had sent me a happy-birthday text. In addition my history teacher had gave us a surprise exam, which I'm totally sure I'll not pass.
      In my way back home (walking), it started raining, so I arrived home totally wet...

Finishing this horrible day,
I have to say

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