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lunes, 12 de junio de 2017

A surprise party

In ELT we discuss all together about the different things we would do or use for a surprise party. Then, using the web page "Cambridge: Write & Improve", we created our own piece of writing in which we followed these instructions: 
You have decided to organise a surprise party for someone. Now you are writing a letter to your English-speaking friend. Tell your friend about the person you are organising the party for, explain why you want to surprise him or her and describe your plans for the party.
Here is my E-mail:

Dear John,

I’m writing to tell you about a surprise party I’m organising. I know last time was a mess but this have to be the best one, I want Tom to have a nice time in his birthday number 14! I haven´t finished with the plans for the party, but I had already started thinking of some aspects: wait for him in silence and when he arrived we all shout "surprise", also we have to put music, buy some party staff and food, and of course a birthday cake. These are my ideas, what about yours?
See you later,

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