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lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016


  In writing we wrote a story in groups (I worked with Octi, Juanpi and Lauti). Our story had to be a romantic one, while other groups had to use horror or suspense. We all had to include the ideas Julia has given us: 
-A pink dress
-A flurry black monster
-A fairy
-Hot summer
-The year 1725

One day, in the hot summer of 1745, there was John sitting in his sofa with a lost look on his eyes. He spent most of his time thinking about her. He couldn't understand why she didn't even look at him. He tried to speak with her, but on his first blink, her pink dress was disappearing. 

  Almost every night, there were parties. At one of them, John tried to talk to her. It was the first time that he could maintain a conversation but everything screwed up when the lights were turned on. He couldn't realized why she kept rejecting him. 

  It was a Sunday morning, it was raining and John was driving in his old wagon on the way home, when he ran into the girl. He followed her a little bit and asked her if he could take her home. She accept, and when they get to her home, the usual thing of the romantic story didn't happen, she didn't ask him to enter with him, she told him that he liked him, but as a friend, not as his boyfriend. 
When he got to his home, a fairy was waiting for him with a present, a mirror. He looked at him and he understood why she rejected them, he was a flurry black monster!!!

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