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martes, 19 de abril de 2016

Fossil fuels

We saw two differents videos about fossil fuels. Then we had to take 6 screenshots, 3 from each video, to what we think it was the most important informatioin. And finally, we had to explain what was happening in that part of the video in a complete way.

Different types of fossil fuels formed depending on the time, the organic matter, temperature and the pressure conditions. The three main types are: The coal, oil and natural gas.
The coal was created by plants & trees exposed to pressure & heat.
The oil was made principally by fossils (decompose), the natural gas have the same process of the oil but this was exposed to more pressure & heat.

The fossil fuels are considered non-renewable resources because they take million of years to form. This means that once they are used they wouldn't be use it again.

The fossil fuels can create cosmetics, plastic elements and some medicines. With these elements you can make energy, but you can also use it in your daily life.

Here it says that the fossil fuels need a saturated environment, aerobic conditions, preassure and high temperatures. The fossil fuels need million of years to be created. They started to be created before the first dinosaur was born.

In this part of the video it said that the sun give energy thought the sunshine to the plants. Then the plants pass it to the animals and the animals to us (humans).

A place were trees grow get overflow. Then they died and the decompose parts make another tree. These process is made ones and another time.

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